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Home Project Introduction
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Home Project Introduction

Come Rain or Shine
by Christy Mitchell

During our visit to the Peak District, I was most aware that, despite many of our views of nature being positive, this is not always the case. For some it can be particularly stressful, whether this be due to the weather or other factors. I chose to present how, as humans, we tend to focus on the weather far too much, and often do not talk about the parts of our lives that are far more important. The words can be used to describe how we may be feeling, or the weather. The phrase “Shouldn’t we be talking about something more important than the weather?” aims to prompt discussion.

“We are, each of us, what we attend to in life. To listen poorly, selectively, or not at all, is to limit your understanding of the world and deprive yourself of becoming the best you can be”.

Kate Murphy, 2019