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Conference Presentations

June 2017

Imagine, Experience & Interpret Nature Project

Nature Connections 2017 3rd Interdisciplinary Conference: Beyond Contact with Nature to Connection

University of Derby

Sept 2017
What is our connection to nature? Imagine, experience & interpret nature brief
The Graphic Design Educators’ Network 2017 conference: Ideas of Revolt

Sheffield Hallam University

Sept 2018
 Imagining, Experiencing & Interpreting Nature: a pedagogical case study
Achieving a transformative student-centred experience
Faculty of Science, Technology & Arts Annual Teaching & Learning Conference 

Sheffield Hallam University

Nov 2018
Ego to Eco/A pedagogical case study: Imagining, Experiencing & Interpreting Nature
Expanding Communities of Sustainable Practice: Leeds Arts University Symposium 2018

Leeds Arts University

Feb 2021
How to become a better illustrator (and citizen): spend time in imaginary worlds, talk to yourself, stay away from people, commune with nature, draw about it Education and Illustration: Models Methods Paradigms, 11th Illustration Research Symposium 

Kingston University

Aug 2021
How to connect to nature and yourself: spend time in imaginary worlds, talk to yourself, stay away from people, commune with nature, draw about it Earth(ly) Matters 2021 - Human in Context: Mind, Body, Nature & Society Humanities & Social Sciences Postgraduate Conference

Sheffield Hallam University


Spring 2022
Ego to Eco: Changing Perspectives on Nature and the Environment within Design Education.
Design Education in the Anthropocene – DR4C (Design Research for Change Series)

Published by Routledge / Taylor & Francis


March 2020
Ego to Eco: we are natureAn exhibition of student work and staff research about nature and
environmental connection, in response to a 'solo' experience in the Peak District. A collaboration between the visual communication and psychology departments of Sheffield Hallam University. Curated by Joanna Rucklidge and Dr. Elizabeth Freeman

Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery, Sheffield Hallam University, Fitzalan Square, Sheffield, S1 2AY