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Home Project Introduction
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Home Project Introduction

Nature vs Manufacture
by Rebecca Johnstone

Spending time in nature was a calming, thought-provoking experience. Considering the natural beauty of the world, but also noticing how even in a remote location man-made constructs invaded my thoughts. Do we consider nature within our lives on a daily basis? What impact do we have on our natural surroundings? Do we utilise artificial nature for aesthetic purposes and ease of use, instead of considering the benefits of natural resources - ego before eco? This project explores the relationship between natural and manufactured resources within our homes. By using touch, sight and smell, we explore the differences, encouraging us to consider the relationship we have with ‘real’ nature.
“Biophilic design seeks to connect our inherent need to affiliate with nature in the modern built environment…Our species has evolved for more than 99% of its history in adaptive response to the natural world and not to human created or artificial forces.”
Kellert, 2015