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Home Project Introduction
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Home Project Introduction

‘Imagine’ Nature

Brief - Imagine time in nature and generate writing and imagery in response. Students wrote about their expectations of spending time in nature. They drew an image portraying what they imagined the ‘nature solo’ experience to be like.


The most frequently used words to describe how the students imagined they might feel in nature included ‘peaceful’, ‘calm’, ‘happy’, ‘free’ and ‘relaxed’. The majority of students responded with colourful, organic,leafy imagery, soft shapes, with reference to happy (often childhood) memories, pleasant experiences and good weather.

The images also frequently included evidence of human interaction with (and domination over) nature, for example, paths, ploughed fields and fences. Human figures and tree stumps appeared centrally in the frame. Students said the tree stump was there “to sit on”. Overall, the images had order & symmetry and were compositionally anthropocentric.