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Home Project Introduction
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Home Project Introduction

Tranquility in Nature
by Emily Redfearn

Having always had a connection to the outdoors, I knew this was something that I had to look into more for this project. Why did I find tranquility in nature? I found the evidence of biophillia and the link that nature has to improvement in our well-being. The idea behind the living wall is to document two things; to bring the calming presence of nature to our built environment, and to see the impact as the wall begins to decay and die capturing the beauty in all of its stages, like through the seasons as plants live and die.
“Biophilia can be described as a “weak” rather than “hard-wired” biological tendency that, like much of what makes us human, must be learned and experienced to become fully functional.“
Kellert, 2015

The flowers used for this artwork were salvaged from disposal. They were kindly donated by Food Works, who collected them as waste from various supermarkets around Sheffield. After the exhibition, they were collected for composting.